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World Class Coaching…

Directed by John Smart, two time Olympian and 13 time World Cup medalist, the coaching crew is made up of current and ex-World Cup and Olympic mogul skiers. Star coaches include Olympic Gold medalist and former camper Alex Bilodeau, World Cup Champion medalist Mikhael Kingsbury and World Cup medalists Phil Marquis, Kristi Richards. Along with World Cup veterans Tami Bradley, Scott Bellavance, Warren Tanner, etc and up and comers Chelsea Henitiuk and Eddie Hicks, the mogul crew are sure to inspire and motivate you to reach your goals.

Putting together this experienced, committed and inspirational coaching crew is our #1 priority and is what sets us apart from other camps. Our formula is simple, we use the best skiers in the world to teach you.  Selecting this crew has become easier over the years as many of our coaches, who are now the new leaders in the sport, were former campers themselves and understand what it takes to create an unforgettable camp experience. It’s almost like a lifecyle here at Momentum, start out as a camper, go make your mark on the world and come back to coach the new generation.

Further, you get to ski with a different coach each day, so you can benefit from their knowledge and different coaching styles. Their enthusiasm is infectious and you’ll enjoy getting to know them all both on and off the mountain, as they also take part in afternoon activities, evening video review and join you for dinners.

It’s this relationship between the coaches and the campers that makes this camp so successful. There is no faster way to learn a sport than by copying….the key is who you are copying.

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