Adult Camp Explained in Above video!

Geared for all levels of Mogul and Park skiers, Momentum attracts a wide variety of ages and abilities, from people in their 20’s right up to people in their 60’s – they are all highly motivated to improve their skiing, which creates a great energy and inspiring learning environment.

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The Mogul Challenge…

Love them or hate them moguls are a constant challenge no matter what your skiing level. If you’ve been avoiding them, longing to conquer them or simply just frustrated by them, Momentum will unlock the simple mystery of skiing bumps and help you become an all round more versatile skier.

There is a big misconception that mogul skiing is bad for your knees and your back – skiing with the wrong technique could definitely cause you some aches and pains, but mogul skiing is actually very smooth and fluid, if you learn the right techniques for absorption and improve your range of motion.

The love/hate relationship many people have with the bumps is something the Momentum crew wants to change. Many adults attending our sessions have struggled with mogul skiing for years and are surprised to learn how easy it can be. It’s a versatile technique, which really boosts their confidence and helps them become an all around more capable skier, not only in the bumps, but on all mountain terrain.


Have you ever wanted to grind a rail, hit a table top and keep up with your kids in the park?  Then Momentum Adult Park Coaches will safely teach you the basic skills to progress, build your confidence and prove that age need be no hindrance! Coached by some of the top pros in the business who will help you will step out of your comfort zone and achieve those illusive goals! Use of the airbag, water ramp and trampoline will further boost your confidence and help give you ‘air sense’ for nailing those tricks! Note that there is no halfpipe during Session 5.

2016 Adult Options…New Dates this summer

Enjoy the best snow conditions and come celebrate our 25th Anniversary!!

We currently offer two adult camp options. Join our classic 9 day Adult-only session from June 10 – 18th or opt for a shorter Mixed Ages session the following week from June 18 – 25th (Session 2).

Session 1 Adult Only week offers upgraded meals, maximum double occupancy and slightly different afternoon activities.
If you are more budget conscious, coming with your kids or prefer the vibe of a youth camp, then the Mixed Age session may be a better choice. Meals and activities are styled for youth, but the ski coaching side of camp is the same.
If you are keen you can do both weeks!

Note that you can either opt for ‘Full Package’ where everything is included or choose ‘Skiing-Only Package’ where you arrange your own accommodation, meals and transfers. You can add on afternoon activities and meals for a fuller programme.

You can also choose a Hybrid program which offers 3 days of Moguls and 3 days of Slopestyle.

‘Bring your Pet’ - We can help put together a customized programme for your non-skiing partner. While you join the camp up on the glacier your partner can enjoy a variety of different activities in the valley and then join you again for the afternooon and evening portion of the camp. We can customize the activities to suit your style from Eco to Extreme to R&R! Childcare and activities can also be arranged for a perfect break for you both. Contact us for details.

No Rules …

The best part of Adult camp is no curfew and no restrictions on evening activities. Our Hotel is located in the heart of the Whistler Village, one of the most dynamic resorts in North America. So if you have spare energy after a day in the bumps & jumps, Whistler’s fun factor won’t disappoint!

Whistler Resort, home of the 2010 Olympics…

Whistler Resort was showcased to the World in 2010 and if you have not been here you will soon understand why the Olympic Committee selected Vancouver/Whistler for the 2010 Olympics. You won’t be disappointed choosing to spend your precious holiday time in this beautiful part of the world. Whistler is the ideal place for mixing sport, pleasure and leisure and the Momentum Camp hotel is located right in the centre of the village close to all the restaurants, cafes and bars and a short walk from the ski lift.

We look forward to giving you an experience of a lifetime – read on to find out more about our program, coaches and exclusive terrain.